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8 Playdate Activities Everyone Can Enjoy This Summer

There are so many great ideas for play date activities – whether you want to stay at home or venture out. Playdates are a great way for children to spend time with their friends or have the opportunity to socialise and make new friends.

During the summer months, there are endless activities to choose from and some are even just as fun for the adults too! Playdates with other families are a great opportunity to get out of the house or host a get-together and enjoy some time with other adults.

Out & About Activities

Outdoor Cinema

Is there a new children’s movie that came out that your little ones just can’t wait to see? The good news is, usually those movies are very cute and enjoyable for adults, too.

Take your child and their friend or invite a family to join yours and enjoy a few laughs over popcorn or yummy snacks! Take advantage of the nice weather by seeing the movies outside at one of the many pop up outdoor cinemas that appear each summer.

The Park

A beautiful summer day should definitely be spent outdoors, head to a local park and let the children loose. The park is a fantastic way for your children to socialise with other children and burn off some of that energy!

While the children are playing with each other, it also offers the adults some quality time together. Rainy day or too hot to be outside? Head over to an indoor play gym where the children can jump, climb and slide too.

Beach Trip

Get family and friends together and head to the beach! Build a sandcastle, splash in the water, stroll the boardwalk or play fun games! There are so many fun things to do at the beach, there will be something for everyone to enjoy!

See a Game or Concert

Are your children interested in sports or music? Many towns will hold small fairs or events at parks or the town green and sports teams play games at the schools, so check out what’s happening right in your own hometown.

Stay at Home Activities

Glow in the Dark Bowling

This is a fun summer night activity for the whole family! With little work needed, you can have a DIY set ready in just a few minutes. All you need are some clear water bottles, glow sticks and a small ball to use as a bowling ball! Put the glow sticks in the water bottles and fill with water so they stand up and you are ready to go!

Arts & Crafts

The list for arts and crafts projects that are perfect for outdoors is endless! Get the neighbourhood children together and let them create their own masterpieces! From water painting to chalk, allow them to use their imagination and create!

Water Play

What better way to spend a warm summer day than with water play? Let the children practise swimming with a pool day, or enjoy a little more adventure by creating a water slide or fun water stations for the younger children.

BBQ Party

Get everyone together with a neighbourhood BBQ party! This is a perfect activity to get all the children together to play and for the adults to relax and socialise.

Now although we do our best to make sure our children are eating well, every now and again it’s okay to indulge – create a special treat for everyone such as a “Create Your Own Ice Cream” bar!

What are your favourite play dates to make in the summer?



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