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£17 - £21k PA







You will be required to provide a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for children placed in the setting as well as to the support staff within the setting/team.

You will work as part of a team in order to provide an enabling environment in which all individual children can play, develop and learn, helping them to build and maintain strong partnerships, as well as working with parents to making sure children’s needs are met.

You will be required to read, understand and adhere to all policies and procedures relevant to your role and the safe running of the setting and to be aware of the high profile of the setting upholding its standards at all times, both during work hours and outside.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Safeguarding

    • Advise Manager/SENCO of any concerns, e.g. over children, parents, the safety of the environment, preserving confidentiality as necessary

    • Keep completely confidential any information regarding the children, their families or other staff that is acquired as part of the job

  •  Inclusion

    • Ensure the provision of a high quality environment to meet the needs of individual children having an awareness of any disabilities, family cultures and medical histories

    • Promote fairness and equality in the workplace

    • Have awareness of the “British values”

    • Work with outside agencies/professionals in the provision for additional support for the children

  • Health & Safety

    • Ensure good standards of safety, hygiene and cleanliness are maintained at all times

    • Be flexible within working practices of the setting, undertaking other responsible duties where needed, such as domestic tasks, preparation of snacks, meals, cleansing of equipment, etc

    • Contribute to carrying out daily checklists and monthly risk assessments within the room

    • Use the nursery equipment effectively and consider the health and safety requirements

  • Partnerships

    • Support all staff and engage in a good staff team

    • Develop and maintain strong partnerships and communication with parents/carers to facilitate day-to-day caring and early learning needs

    • Work alongside the manager and staff team to ensure that the setting’s philosophy is fulfilled

    • Develop your role within the team, especially with regard to being a key person

    • Support nursery assistants, students and volunteers

    • Work with other agencies in support of children as needed (see Inclusion)

  • Professional Development

    • To be involved in out of working hours activities, e.g. training, monthly staff meetings, etc

    • Complete 3 core training courses (1staid, safeguarding, food safety) funded by the company

    • Actively seek further ways of improving performance and/or qualification

  • Record Keeping

    • Effectively deliver the EYFS ensuring that the individual needs and interest of children in the setting are met (in conjunction with other team members) by planning, observations and assessments

    • Keep records of your key children’s development and learning journeys and share with parents, carers and other key adults in the child’s life. (Including special books.)



  • Excellent knowledge of the EYFS

  • Strong people management skills

  • Good time management skills

  • Excellent organisational skills

  • CACHE level 3, NNEB, NVQ Level 3 essential



We have strong beliefs in trying to promote internally and therefore encourage (and in many cases fund) employees to participate in further development and training courses to achieve excellence.

These range from in-house training to degree level qualifications.

Some of the specialist training we provide are;

  • Safeguarding

  • Working with parents

  • Infant & child nutrition

  • Child protection

  • Key person

  • Paediatric first aid

  • Food Safety & Hygiene

  • Risk assessment



Recruiting the right team members to work with and care for our children is extremely important to us and the families we look after.


All applicants should hold a recognised Early Years qualification or be prepared to undertake training with the support of our highly experienced training provider.


Submit all applications to


All successful candidates will be subject to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

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