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    Early Years Foundation Stage

    The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets the standards that nurseries, childminders and other early years providers in England must meet.

  • Young boy engaged in a pre-school activity
    Daily Nursery Activities

    At Step by Step Nurseries we believe all children learn & develop best when they take part in a wide range of age appropriate & fun activities.

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    Settling In Stay & Plays

    Since introducing settling in stay & plays, we have noticed a dramatic change in the speed at which new children settle in here at Step By Step Nursery.

  • Toddler at a nursery holding basket of assorted numbers and letters
    Toddler Care

    Our Toddler room takes children aged 2 to 3 years with a staff ratio of 1:4. The room offers many play opportunities including sand, water, messy play, music and movement, books, puzzles etc.

  • Toddler playing outside at Step By Step Nursery Wapping
    Private Outdoor Play Areas

    It is essential that young children get frequent and regular opportunities to explore and learn in an outdoor environment and this should not be seen as an optional extra.

  • Painted childrens hands
    Extracurricular Activities

    Language classes help to grow children’s confidence and help develop skills such as motor skills, concentration, listening & speaking skills, empathy & sympathy, creativity & imagination, and emotional & physical wellbeing.

  • People & Communities illustration
    People & Communities

    It’s important to use the environment outside our nurseries to give children the opportunity to learn from, and be part of, their local community.

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