Toddler Care

Our Toddler room takes children aged 2 to 3 years with a staff ratio of 1:4. The room offers many play opportunities including sand, water, messy play, music and movement, books, puzzles etc.

Building Language & Literacy Skills

There are opportunities for the children to be involved in pre-school activities. Theses include colouring, pencil control, number and letter recognition, puzzles etc.

These activities are carried out to encourage all round development and to make learning fun. Children's individual interests are also covered in the planning. Children will sleep on sleep mats after their lunch.

Foster Healthy Habits & Good Hygiene Routines

We encourage potty training in this room, as soon as the child is settled. This is so that they may be toilet trained by the time they reach preschool age.

Parents are required to provide the nappies for their child but wipes and creams are provided by the nursery. Toddler room children are changed in the bathroom area to encourage them to use the toilets and wash their hands.

Daily event cards are completed which provides details of feeds, nappy changing and the activities the child has enjoyed doing throughout the day.

Enrolling Your Little One

Is Simple & Quick!
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