Daily Nursery Activities

At Step by Step Nurseries we believe all children learn and develop best when they take part in a wide range of activities. All our activities are age appropriate and fun. Children learn best when they are interested and engaged in activities that interest them.

Baby Room

In the baby room all toys and resources are accessible at all times. They enjoy painting, drawing, playing with sand/water and Playdough. Playing with and experiencing natural materials is very important we have a wide range of resources available inside and out to stimulate all the senses.


In toddlers the children are becoming more active and enjoy their time outside in our large garden running, climbing, gardening and making camps. All resources inside are accessible and promote independence.


In pre-school the children have free flow play where they can choose to play indoors or out. More structured activities take place according to the childs age and stage of development.

Future Ready

Singing and stories are an important part of all our children's days we also enjoy dancing, cooking, going out for walks, and many more exciting planned and unplanned activities and experiences helping all our children to grow and develop and become confident and independent young people ready for school.

We offer French and Mandarin sessions to our pre-school children which include stories, songs, counting, action rhymes - all fun and enjoyable sessions.


Enrolling Your Little One

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